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GSL Glassguard operates under the umbrella of the GSL Group’s proven Health & Safety, Quality, and Environmental systems, but specialises in the protection of glass, polycarbonates, and acrylics from graffiti etching, breakage, vandalism, and the sun. GSL Glassguard offers the specification, provision and application of:-

Security Window Laminates and Mechanical Anchoring System

GSL Glassguard have developed a strong, robust and highly effective mechanical anchoring system to increase the performance of safety and security window films. Whilst the Safety Zone 12 mil security film grips the glass fragments, our Anchoring System secures the film to the window frame, maximizing the effectiveness of the film, and helping to prevent collapse of the window.

Safety Window Film

The GSL Glassguard range of safety and security window film transforms the most vulnerable and threatening area of your home and workplace into an increased secure environment. The installation of the right GSL Glassguard safety film can minimize the threat of glass related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Clear Etching Protection Anti-Graffiti Films

Not only do GSL Glassguard etching protection anti-graffiti films protect glass from future acts of vandalism, they are also specifically designed to help conceal existing scratches.  The film cures, with the adhesive bonding to the vandalised etched glass, covering the visible scratches and helping them slowly disappear from view.

Printable Graphic Etching Protection Window Films

GSL Glassguard are the original innovators of printing artwork on clear film to aid the minimisation of etching vandalism through to glazing – Printed Graphic Films. We are leaders in the field with this sought-out and effective methods of reducing damage and etching vandalism to glass in public places.

Solar Films

GSL Glassguard offers a comprehensive range of solar control window films for residential and commercial use. These films improve the energy performance of the building. SolarZone film increases comfort for the occupants by minimizing glare, neutralising hotspots, and screening harmful UV radiation.  In addition, films help contain glass fragments in the case of breakage.

Etch-Free Guarantee

GSL Glassguard provides an Etch-Free Guarantee under which we take ownership of the etching vandalism to glazing. This service takes all the hassle away from the property manager or owner and provides certainty of cost.

Project Management

Window Blinds, Glass Replacement, Paint Graffiti Removal & Commercial Painting. GSL Glassguard can offer a stress-free, first-class punctual delivery of other services.

These are:

  • Commercial Glass Repairs and Replacement & Temporary Board Up Solutions.
  • Custom-made Window Blinds crafted locally in Auckland & Blind Cleaning and Repair Services.
  • Commercial Painting and Paint Graffiti Removal & Protective Coatings.
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